Online Bushcraft Training

Online bushcraft training can be an exceptionally effective way to learn the fundamentals of bushcraft while allowing individuals to develop valuable skills and expand their knowledge. This modern approach to learning offers a host of advantages that make it an excellent choice for those interested in the art of bushcraft. 

Unlike traditional in person learning courses, online bushcraft training allows you to set you own learning schedule. Online learning provides flexibility, affordability, convenience and self-paced learning.

Learn Bushcraft Skills Online

Learn Bushcraft Skills Online

Do you want to undertake a bushcraft course but don’t have the time or the face-to-face course doesn’t fit into your already busy life. Why not use our online teaching platform to learn outdoor skills. Learn at your own pace and time whether it be day or night.

Outdoor Youth Development

Outdoor Youth Development

For youth who are wanting to learn bushcraft skills as part of their development. These are online courses for students who are undertaking DofE, Scouts, Guides, Outdoor Ed, and many other youth groups. Learn at your own pace and time when you want to.

Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

If you are looking at teaching a bushcraft face-to-face programme and don’t have the teaching material. There are now three manuals for teaching bushcraft fundamentals to your audience covering a wide range of topics to staircase participant learning.

Outdoor Blog

Outdoor Blog

Whether you are looking for a place to visit or some bushcraft tips on anything outdoors to some know how advice from a professional. There is bound to be something of use in one of our blogs that can better equip you for a better outdoor experience.


New Zealand is known as the outdoor playground of the world and has a unique and challenging outdoor environments, which has produced some of the best skilled outdoor people in the world from conquering Mount Everest and other places around the world. New Zealand bush practitioners are often considered world leaders in the fundamental bush/wilderness skills knowledge and training experts meeting the requirements of varying bush environments and challenging wilderness situations which New Zealand offers.​

Peak Performance Solutions has created online training programmes and learning resources so that others are able to have a high level of knowledge and skills to give them the confidence to enjoy what they do in the outdoors safely, whether a day hike or a multi-day adventure.​

Peak Performance Solutions was developed through the need to standardise outdoor practices and delivery within New Zealand and has focused primarily on youth development through the International Award. We were set up in 2004 and have expanded greatly during this time. We now cater for schools and youth groups all over New Zealand and have educated over 20 000 students during this time as well as groups from the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.



“The manuals have arrived and I have to say that I am totally impressed. They are superb and have far exceeded our expectations”.
Thanks heaps

Leanne, Teacher

Hi Mark and the Team,
“Zane had a great experience, he found the training really informative and interesting to say the least”.

Shane, Parent

Lisa & Dingo

“All my girls have benefitted from the experience and I want to once again thank you for your patience, guidance and expertise”.

Cherry, Parent