About Peak Performance Solutions

Peak Performance Solutions Ltd. is a dynamic New Zealand-based company, small in size but mighty in its commitment to youth development through outdoor unique online training programmes. Alongside our passion for nurturing the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts, we extend our expertise to individuals of all ages who seek to embrace the natural world through our train the trainer or our short specialised courses.

Our mission is to inspire a connection to the great outdoors, fostering responsible stewardship of natural environments globally. We understand that the appeal of outdoor experiences transcends borders, and our aim is to equip all enthusiasts with the skills and knowledge to navigate, thrive, and show respect for diverse outdoor landscapes across the planet.

We believe that every outdoor adventure can be an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to learn more about the environment. With this in mind, we provide training and resources that empower individuals to embark on outdoor journeys with confidence, whether it’s navigating the rugged terrains of New Zealand or the vast wilderness of other countries.

At Peak Performance Solutions Ltd., our vision encompasses a world where outdoor enthusiasts, from the young to the seasoned, are well-prepared, informed, and deeply connected to nature. Through our educational initiatives and resources, we hope to ignite a lifelong love for the outdoors, encouraging individuals to not only explore but also to preserve the beauty and wonder of our planet’s natural wonders. Join us in this mission, as we endeavor to shape a global community of responsible, skilled, and respectful adventurers.

Footsteps in the sand

Meet our amazing team

At Peak Performance Solutions we strive to be industry leaders in everything we do and our team is no different.

About Mark



Mark has a vast range of experience in the outdoor industry, from Alpine, bushcraft, high angle rope rescue and sea kayaking to name a few. Australian born, Mark comes from a military background serving in the Royal Australian Navy as a Clearance Diver and now works as an Outdoor Educator gaining university qualifications in outdoor recreation leadership, tertiary teaching, Pre-hospital emergency care and SAR. In his spare time Mark volunteers time to a Search & Rescue Response Team as a team leader helping his community when natural disasters strike.

Mark has been actively involved in working with New Zealand youth through the DofE Award, MYND, YSAR and Project K programmes, involving education and practical experience of New Zealand’s outdoors.

PPS Bushcraft


Business Manager

Brent Mayhew is an experienced business executive with over 20 years of experience in the Fitness and Health industry. He has held various C-suite positions around the world, including CEO, and COO, roles. Apart from his professional acumens, he is an outdoor enthusiast and a recreational hunter who loves to get out into the doors whether hiking well-formed tracks or making his own tracks while hunting. He is as comfortable behind the desk as he is in the remote wilderness areas. One of the highlights of his career has been working with Mark and Peak Performance Solutions, an industry leader and taking the company to new heights globally.

PPS Bushcraft



Lisa is a New Zealand Secondary School Teacher and Education Outside the Classroom Co-ordinator. She has worked extensively with various students and nationalities in the delivery and assessment of School and University standards, within New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Lisa has grown up spending much of her life in the outdoors, camping, tramping and partaking in many sporting ventures as well as running both the London and New York marathons. Lisa brings a wealth of educational knowledge to the team.