Master Wilderness Survival Skills with Our Online Bushcraft Training Courses for Adults

Undertaking wilderness survival and bushcraft training means you will be better equipped for different unexpected situations while hiking and other outdoor adventures that you may embark on. The knowledge and skills gained can save your and others’ lives. Our online bushcraft courses help develop your wilderness and survival skills through our interactive training platform.

Environmental care

Learn the importance of environmental care, how to minimize your impact on nature by packing out your waste, respecting local flora and fauna, and leaving wilderness areas in the same pristine condition as you found them. Learn about the Leave No Trace principles and sustainable camping practices to ensure responsible outdoor experiences.


Leadership focuses on developing essential leadership qualities, such as effective communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution. Learn how to lead by example, motivate peers, and take charge in challenging outdoor situations, fostering the leadership skills necessary for guiding groups through wilderness environments.

Clothing & equipment

Gain in-depth knowledge about selecting appropriate clothing and equipment for various outdoor conditions, from extreme cold to scorching heat. They learn how to make informed choices regarding clothing layers, gear, and specialised equipment, ensuring you are well-prepared to stay comfortable and safe during wilderness adventures.


Wilderness navigation training equips you with the skills to confidently use maps, compasses, and natural landmarks to find your way in the wilderness. Learn about topographical maps, orienteering, and the art of reading terrain, enabling you to plan routes, avoid getting lost, and reach your destinations safely.


Survival skills are a core component of bushcraft, learn how to construct shelters, make fire and purify water. Gain the knowledge to survive in the wild, even in adverse conditions, by understanding basic fundamentals.

Outdoor First Aid

Outdoor first aid training ensures that you are prepared to respond to injuries and medical emergencies in backcountry areas. They learn how to assess and treat common outdoor injuries, administer CPR, and effectively utilise first aid kits, providing you with the confidence to handle medical issues in the outdoors.

Safety and Risk Management

Learn the importance of safety and risk management in the wilderness. They learn how to assess and mitigate potential hazards, establish emergency protocols, and make informed decisions that prioritize the well-being of yourself and your group.

 Water Safety When Crossing Streams

Water safety training covers essential techniques for safely navigating streams and rivers. Learn how to assess water conditions, choose safe crossing points, and employ appropriate gear and techniques. Learn how to make the right decisions around crossing streams safely.

Stoves and Stove Safety

Acquire the skills to choose the right stove for you trip and learn about various stove types and safety measures to prevent accidents and wildfires. This knowledge allows you to enjoy hot meals in the outdoors without endangering yourself or the environment.


Campcraft training equips you with the abilities to set up and manage efficient backcountry campsites. Learn how to choose suitable campsite locations and establish cooking and sanitation facilities where none are available. These skills are essential for creating a comfortable campsite during overnight outdoor adventures.

Route Finding

Learn the art of route finding, including map interpretation and terrain assessment. Acquire the knowledge to plan routes, identify key landmarks, and make navigational decisions. Have the confidence to plan, follow routes and reach your intended destinations safely.


Planning is a fundamental aspect of a bushcraft training, teaching you how to develop detailed routes, assess potential risks, and prepare for the unexpected. Gain the knowledge to create well-organised expedition plans that encompass equipment, food, navigation, and safety considerations, ensuring that outdoor adventures are successful and enjoyable.

The training courses are a two-step process that covers a wide range of topics through slideshows, quizzes, videos, interactions and networking.

These courses are ideal for:

  • Adults who are new to hiking
  • New leader training
  • Teachers
  • Youth group leaders
  • Backcountry enthusiasts
  • Parents
  • This is an online Bushcraft course that introduces you to basic concepts of hiking in the outdoors and covers topics such as: Environmental Care & respect, Trip Planning, Leadership, Clothing, Equipment, Stoves & Fuels, Food, Campcraft, Map & Compass use, Route finding, Water safety, Survival, Loss of route & Outdoor First Aid.

    Learn through slideshows, videos and quizzes.

    Work at your own pace and upon successful completion an Achievement certificate will be issued.

    Modules: 14

    Duration: ~20hrs

  • The Basic Bushcraft online course follows on from the Introduction to Bushcraft course and further develops your knowledge in the following: Environmental Care, Leadership, Trip planning, Clothing & Equipment, Food, Campcraft, Compass use, Route Finding, Water safety, Survival Skills, Survival, Loss of Route & Outdoor First Aid.

    Learn through slideshows, videos and quizzes.

    Work at your own pace and upon successful completion an Achievement certificate will be issued.

    Modules: 10

    Duration: ~20hrs

Short Courses

If you only require undertaking a short course in a particular topic, then a short 1Hr course might be for you. Below are some short courses designed to help your skill sets in targeted areas.

  • Learn navigation in the outdoors using a map and compass.


    • Understanding map reading
    • Map features & application
    • Contour lines
    • Grid references
    • Understanding North

    Modules: 3 ​

    Duration: ~1hr

  • Crossing a river is one of the most dangerous activities during a hike, learn how to be safer while attempting a stream crossing.


    • Water safety principles
    • Understanding water dynamics
    • Water crossing techniques


    Modules: 3

    Duration: ~1hr

  • Learn the basic requirements of being a good bushcraft leader in the outdoors.


    • Outdoor leadership skills
    • Leadership styles
    • Leadership attributes
    • Managing difficult groups
    • Generation differences


    Modules: 3 ​

    Duration: ~1hr