Silver Adventurous Journey Training Manual Answers for Expedition Test

1.   Where would you find north on a map?

a)    At the top

b)    At the bottom

c)    On the right side

d)    On the left side

Ans:   A

2. This diagram shows the points of the compass represented by numbers.

If 1 represents North, name the other points.

2. NE

3. E

4. SE

5. S

6. SW

7. W

8. NW

3. If using a Topographic 1:50 000 scale map, answer the following:

a) How far apart are the gridlines?

b) How much distance does this represent?

c) Draw the symbol and indicate the colour used for:

Exotic Forest Colour GREEN Symbol PPS Bushcraft
Church Colour BLACK Symbol PPS Bushcraft
Footbridge Colour BLACK Symbol PPS Bushcraft
Pa Colour BLACK Symbol PPS Bushcraft
Contour line Colour BROWN Symbol PPS Bushcraft

Ans: (A) 2 cms

Ans: (B) 1 km

4. Look at the grid below and answer the questions that follow

a) What letter is shown at grid reference 865:435?

b) What letter is shown at grid reference 871:424?

c) What letter is show at grid reference 882:438?

d) Give the grid reference for the church

e) Give the grid reference for the monument

f) What can be found at grid reference 894:416?

g) What runs from 861:402 to 870:402?

h) What type of ground or landform can be found at 885:424?







POWERLINE with pylons


5. A contour line identifies land of the same ? above sea level.

a) height

b) length

Ans:   A

6. Contour lines which are close together indicate a ? slope.

a) gentle

b) steep

Ans:   B

7. How many degrees is due East?

a) 270º

b) 360º

c) 90º

d) 180º

Ans:   C

8. What do you need to do to convert the bearing taken from a map to a magnetic bearing?

a) multiply the magnetic variation

b) add or subtract the magnetic variation

c) divide the magnetic variation

d) do nothing

Ans:   B

9. What does E.T.A. stand for?


10. What pace should be adopted by the whole group when Tramping?

a) the pace of the fastest person

b) the pace of the slowest person

c) a pace about halfway between

Ans:   B

11. A fully equipped hiking group walks at approximately,    ? kilometers per hour on rough terrain,

Ans:  2

12. If one person in your group of 5 has had an accident, how many people would you send for help?

a) one person

b) two people

c) three people

Ans:   B

13. a) A drop in core temperature from prolonged exposure to the cold is called?


13. b) If you suspect someone in your group is suffering from this condition, which out of the following should you do?

a) Walk off the hill as quickly as possible in the direction of the nearest phone.

b) Stop and provide shelter, warmth and reassurance. Offer lukewarm drinks and food.

c) Rub the victims arms, legs and trunk to warm them and increase circulation.

Ans:   B

14. To reduce the risk of blisters it is better to wear socks made of:

a) nylon

b) silk

c) wool

d) cotton

Ans: C

15. A foam sleeping mat. Provides …………….? from the ground.


16. Which two groups of food provide the most energy?

a) protein

b) carbohydrates

c) vitamins

d) fats

Ans: B & D

17. Which of the following would be best for emergency rations?

a) an apple

b) crisps

c) chocolate

d) crispbread

Ans:  C

18. What is the first thing you should do for a burn or scald?

a) immerse in cold water to reduce heat

b) cover with a sterile dressing to keep out air

c) apply antiseptic lotion to ease pain

d) seek medical advice

Ans: A

19. A sprain is damage to:

a) muscle

b) ligament

c) tendon

d) bone

Ans:  B

20. List the following in the correct order.

a) Immobilise factures

b) Check airway is clear and casualty is breathing

c) Control severe bleeding.

Ans: B C A