Mountain Hardwear Phantom Mummy Sleeping Bag 15F/-9C

One down bag to rule them all—whether you’re a climber, skier, or backpacker, the versatile, gold-standard Phantom™ is a critical part of any overnight kit. This time-tested lightweight down bag is ideal for high-alpine traverses, backcountry hut trips, and multi-week backpacking adventures.

  • Uses: Superlight Backcountry, Camping
  • 850-fill down insulation for optimal warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility
  • 10D recycled shell is extremely light and highly compressible
  • Lightweight but durable #5 zipper with anti-snag for easy entry and exit
  • Contoured footbox follows natural foot position for maximum warmth and comfort
  • Draft collar blocks the escape of warm air from inside the bag
  • Mummy cut efficiently maximizes warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Four-chamber hood design maintains even loft around head for consistent warmth
  • Lightweight nylon compression sack and mesh storage sack included
  • Two-way zipper allows for easy ventilation
  • Down-filled face gasket comfortably blocks drafts at the hood opening
  • Glow in the dark, reflective zipper pull
  • Durable water-repellent finish
  • Left-hand and right-hand zippers available for zip-together functionality

Saying one down bag to rule them all is a bould statement so let’s see how true this statement really is.

I have owned a number of down sleeping bags over the years and recently replaced my trusty Fairydown bag with the Mountain Hardwear phantom bag. I wanted a bag that was still lightweight (~1kg) with a better warmth rating than my old one. The Phantom bag certainly delivered in this category as the bag was 100gms lighter and about 5 degreesC or 41 degreesF warmer. Over the years I have seen sleeping bag fabrics get thinner and thinner as well as stronger and stronger. While the Phantom bag shell is very thin it does provide a lot of strength and one can be put off by this but remember fabric technology has improved and will continue to improve. Like all sleeping bag shells they still need to be looked after.

The shell does provide a little bit of protection from moisture, but the stitching isn’t waterproof and I wouldn’t want a bag that is completely waterproof as the down within the bag still needs to breathe. However Mountain Hardwear has used a very fine stitch to help balance moisture control, breathability and shell durability. The bag itself provides a nice taper design with plenty of room around the torso region to allow those who toss and turn plenty of room to do so. This will work against those who are small framed and feel the cold and if so this bag may not be for you. The bag provides a long two-way zipper for easy access and a draft collar to keep body heat in along the zipper. The long two-way zipper also provides easy temperature control during warmer nights. The hood is spacious with a draft collar to help keep warm air in. The hood would benefit with a sleeve to stuff with spare clothing to make a pillow in future designs.

Back to the one down bag to rule them all statement. I have used this bag in winter and summer conditions, above the bushline environments and in harsh NZ conditions. The bag has been used in tents, bivvy bags and hammocks. I must say that the bag is very near to the ‘one bag to rule them all’ Mountain Hardwear statement.

  • Weight to warmth ratio
  • Good overall construction
  • recycled fabric materials
  • Plenty of room in the foot box

The torso region may be too wide for some

This is a great bag that is lightweight and compresses down a lot making it easier to get into your pack. The bag has great temperature control through the double zips and produces very little noise with fabric rub. The bag breathes well and has yet to produce any dampness due to environmental conditions. This bag is best suited for a range of activities and is best suited for three season conditions.

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Mummy Sleeping Bag 15F/-9C